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Chapel's Country Creamery
Easton, Maryland

Welcome to our family's dairy farm located in the countryside of Talbot County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Chapel's Country Creamery farm is home to Eric and Holly Foster, four kids and 110 head of dairy cows. Our dairy cows graze on clover and rye grass on our sprawling 112 acres of fertile pasture. Our Maryland artisanal cheeses are hand crafted by us and an Amish artisanal cheese maker.

Chapel cheese starts with fresh raw milk produced on our family’s farm in Easton Maryland. Our dairy herd contains grass fed Jersey and Holstein cows that produce our high quality milk, rich in cream. The milk is all natural and contains no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or chemical compounds. By producing our own cheese from start to finish, we insure the highest quality possible.

Oh, by the way the cow pictured is Rainey. Our beloved mascot and seventh member of the family. Rainey was the start and inspiration for our family going into the dairy and cheese business. She is has been one of my most loved pet I ever owned. Naturally that is why we used her for our cheese labels. Another inspiration for our dream was to provide a future for our kids. In today's fast paced world, there is nothing like a family owned farm.

Cave Aged Cheeses

This unique cheese is drained naturally overnight, the placed in a cave for a minimum of two months. This helps the cheese to develop its bloom and take on nice earthy tones such as a slight mushroom flavor. As a young cheese, it has a moist creamy consistency, but as it ages, it develops much more complex flavors and tends to get much dryer. At this point, this cheese goes well with fresh figs, Asian pears, or fruit spreads. 8 oz block.

This is a different kind of cheddar in that it has a bloomy rind to it. It is aged over a year which helps with the complexity of the flavor it holds. Even at it's age, this cheddar is very creamy, with a nice sharpness to it. 8 oz block.

Cheddar Cheeses

Chapel's Country Creamery young cheddar has been aged sufficient enough to develop it's own tasty flavor, with a touch of sharpness, while remaining moist and creamy in it's texture. 8 oz block.

This cheese has the perfect garlic and chive blend in our regular cheddar cheese. It is great melted on sandwiches, twice-baked potatoes and macaroni and cheese. 8 oz block.

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